Software developer having 5+ years of experience in different technologies, proficient in Android, Java and Kotlin development. Eager to learn new technologies and interested in many different areas including game development, development tools and more.

Work Experience

Software Developer

Nov 2021 - Present

Software Architect

Apr 2021 - Nov 2021

Worked on:

  • development of .NET microservices of an enterprise scale application
  • migration from legacy monolithic applications to microservices developed in both Java and .NET
  • leading a team developing Python Flask backend application processing large data sets collected via scraping and REST APIs

Software Developer

Aug 2018 - Apr 2021

Worked on:

  • migrating a large Android application to Kotlin, rewriting bluetooth library to Kotlin
  • developing a different Android application and guiding development of an iOS application, integrating with bluetooth beacons
  • leading a team developing Spring application, as well as Android and iOS SDKs providing integration with digital identity verification
  • leading development of a Python Flask backend application processing large data sets collected via scraping and REST APIs
  • prototyping advanced features for Android application, including analysis using AI

Software Developer

Apr 2018 - Aug 2018
Cylo Media BH

Worked on in-house white-label projects. Worked on completely setting up and starting two separate projects, featuring full offline support, video playback and bluetooth beacons integration.

Software Developer and Team Lead

Jan 2016 - Apr 2018

Worked in a big agile team on an Android application integrating with REST API, as well as with an IoT device using BLE and utilizing both REST API and BLE to communicate with device. For purpose of the project, complete BLE library was developed and used on two different applications. Besides developing application, also acted as Android development team lead on the project, involved in planning and organizing future work.

Software Development Intern

Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

First encounter with Android development and first real project. Worked in a small agile team on Android application which besides the REST API communication was utilizing bluetooth beacons for presence detection.


My open source projects


Neovim client for Java used to communicate with Neovim instance via RPC API. Provides multiple interfaces for communicating with Neovim instance via multiple different protocols.

neovim-kotlin [WIP]

Neovim Kotlin client library. Provides interface for communicating with Neovim instance via multiple different protocols.


MsgPack support for kotlinx.serialization

My vim plugins

Collection of my public vim and neovim plugins.

Also contributed to

Klika OS

Hobbyist and educational operating system written in C written by Klika.ba team.

Klika Android Template

This template provides starting point for Kotlin Android app, following Klika quality guidelines.

Klika Flutter Template

This template provides starting point for Flutter mobile app, following Klika quality guidelines.

University and other projects

Final IoT Backend

Python (Flask) backend for IoT system made for master’s degree final project

3D labyrinth game for embedded devices

3D labyrinth game written in C for university project in mbed’s environment for N5110 display and generic joystick. Contains ports to terminal display, for use on *NIX and Windows systems.

STELEKS backend application

Backend of STELEKS (university students organization) application. Developed with microservice architecture using Spring, with frontend written in Angular.

Real time talk Android application

University course project application used as a small social network with real time talk capabilities. This is the Android application used to access the system and talk to other users.

RxJava Android sample application (used for presentation)

Application made for presentation on Sarajevo Mobile Technology Meetup 04.06.2016. Showcases simple use cases for RxJava Observables and RxBindings to connect user events into flows. Presentation available on SpeakerDeck.

Simple MQTT protocol example on Texas Instruments Launch Pad

Simple MQTT example made for university project showcasing control and monitoring via lightweight MQTT protocol with multiple controllers and monitors.