I am software engineer from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). I am currently working as an Android developer, but I am also interested in C, C++, game development (Unreal Engine), Spring, Elixir, etc.

I have started working as a developer early in 2016 after internship and education on Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. I have always liked programming, ever since I first came across it in elementary school (QBASIC and Pascal). At that time I started liking algorithms, but I was still a total beginner in the field. In high school I was introduced to C and C++ and continued working on those on the university. At that point I learned a lot more about algorithms and data structures and it is still something that I am very interested in, even though I am currently more focused on code architecture.

Check out my GitHub profile for some of the projects that I have worked on, which are mostly University projects.

Open source projects


Neovim client for Java used to communicate with Neovim instance via RPC API. Supports different interfaces.